Special Premium Grade Gyokuro (30 sachets)

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Gyokuro (Japanese: 玉露, literally "jade dew") is the name of our premium range of Japanese Green Tea that is highly regarded for its superior quality, taste and health benefits.

Drinking our Gyokuro regularly brings many health benefits such as:

• Restrains cancer cells proliferation.

• Rich in anti-oxidants.

• Lowers cholesterol levels.

• Lowers blood pressure & sugar levels (suitable for diabetics).

• Prevents arteriosclerosis (the thickening, hardening and loss of elasticity of the walls of arteries due to plagues buildup).

• Prevents bacteria & viral infection.

• Protects against dementia.

• Prevents stroke.

• Alleviates asthma.

• Alleviates sinus infection, hay fever & allergies.

• Fights common colds.

• Prevents cavities & mouth ulcers.

• Prevents prostate disorder.

• Enhances anti-aging effects.

• Reduces excess body fat.

• Eliminates odours.

• Prevents food poisoning.

• Protects liver against toxins such as alcohol.

• Improves digestive system & bowel movement.

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