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Company Profile

Locally conceived and home brewed, Tea ideas Pte Ltd is a Singapore company started in 2012 by Jacinta Ong. Focused on healthy gourmet tea, the firm wants to evangelize the benefits of drinking tea by applying innovation to the finest teas found. To detractors who feel that drinking tea is troublesome because they have to contend with tea leaves or dispose of teabags, Tea ideas has the perfect answer – tea wands. These patented Tea wands which resemble square sticks of candy, marry the convenience of a teabag with the functionality of a teaspoon. They are also drip dry and so convenient, it’s a wonder no one has thought of this before.

Gyokuro green tea, more exquisite and expensive than classic green tea, is normally offered in leaf form. With its dare-to-be different mindset, Tea ideas has audaciously made this tea available in powder sachets. Why? Simply because full-bodied taste and maximum nutrition are served in the convenience of a handy tea sachet. And this approach has paid off handsomely as powdered Gyokuro tea is now widely accepted in this Asia Region and in the Middle East for its incredible practicality and unique taste.

While Tea ideas has a vision of helping the urban individual lead a healthier life by converting them to the joys of drinking superior tea, it has a larger mission of returning something back to society. It has set its current sights on the vulnerable silver population, usually the first to be marginalized in a world that is fast becoming more digitized. As a Social Enterprise, Tea ideas has empowered senior citizens to play an important role in spreading the word on how drinking tea benefits mind, health and well-being.

As founder Jacinta puts it: “In the same instinctive way we know that mother’s milk is better than formula milk, we want it known that our tea is much healthier than any other beverage out there.”